For me, photography is just like a door conveying the aesthetics of art.

It is a kind of art created from the real situation around me which can happen every second.

Sometimes I seek for the beauty of things surrounded and then shoot them

with personal perspectives and feeling towards the objects or incidents.

In part of photography, I never focus on any preferred photography style

As I do not want to frame myself with specific kind of photo shooting

and be more loyal to my own feeling. When I am clear with myself,

the outcome is always marvelous.



2016 // TOKYO // Wielun, Poland, Solo exhibition

2020 // Non places// URBAN 2020, Trieste Photo Fringe, Italy, Solo exhibition


2018 // Non places //, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo

2019 // Non places //, Monovisions Photography Awards, London

2020 // Non places //, Urban Photo Awards, Triest


URBAN unveils the city and its secrets – vol.06, dotART